Paris COP21 UN Fiasco

Here is the promised Special Newsletter about the recent Paris meeting (aka  COP21 — i.e. the UN’s 21st “Conference of Parties”).

Let’s cut to the chase: these assemblies have n-o-t-h-i-n-g to do with CO2, Climate, or Science. Instead they are about money, power, control and promulgating doctrine.

It is increasingly apparent that the most fundamental objective of this crusade, is to substantially undermine Western civilization. If you are the slightest bit skeptical of this reality, then please read some of the books written by US environmental leader, Bill McKibben. One of his recurrent homilies is that “modernity” (aka Western civilization) is a bad thing.

With Bill and his fellow acolytes, this is literally a religion. (See here, here,here, here, here & here for sample reports about this.) It’s important to note that when discussing someone’s religious beliefs: facts, logic, Science, etc. are irrelevant (and irreverent) matters that only come into play when they accidentally coincide with the dogma being proselytized.

The good news is that these people are so mesmerized by their own gibberish and greed, that (so far) they have been incapable of coming up with anything meaningful. As Voluntary Mush says: in the end, what we got out of Paris is:

1) voluntary emission caps,

2) voluntary progress reviews,

3) no international oversight of any voluntary progress, and

4) voluntary contributions to the Fund.

That these preachers are spinning this pablum as a major accomplishment, tells you all you need to know about the credibility of anything they say.

Who is the biggest beneficiary of this insidiousness? China. What would China and some of our largest environmental organizations have in common? Communism — which they’d like to replace Western civilization with. It’s all explained quite well in the trailer for Grinding America Down.

In any case, below is some reasonable commentary on the Paris convocation, roughly arranged in chronological order: before, during and after.


john droz, jr.

Physicist & Environmental advocate

PS — As a positive person I see at least two reasons for optimism:

1) Citizen sensibility. This related current poll indicates that despite the tedious sermons of the current administration, and environmental extremists, most US citizens are not worshiping at their altar.

2) Real Religion. As I hope the photo I edited suggests, even in the darkest hour, hope springs eternal… Thank you for your support this year. I hope that you and your family have an enjoyable Christmas and holiday season — and that 2016 is a profitable and productive year.  


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Load of DiCRAPrio

Calgary Sun
Michael Platt


Terrified? Of course we are. There’s a chance there won’t be any seats left on the Ship & Anchor patio.

But apparently, he’s serious.

According to self-proclaimed climate champion and environmental leader Leonardo DiCaprio, warm chinooks winds have Calgarians cringing — not because there’s the possibility of low wiper fluid or a lack of patio seats, but because we’ve never seen the likes of it before.

“We were in Calgary and the locals were saying, ‘This has never happened in our province ever,’” DiCaprio was quoted by

“We would come and there would be eight feet of snow, and then all of a sudden a warm gust of wind would come.”

Calling these unexpected, snow-melting winds “scary,” DiCaprio is now using the sudden weather changes he witnessed while filming in Alberta last winter as evidence of impending climate apocalypse.

It would be hilarious, if the star of The Revenant wasn’t also the head of a multimillion-dollar environmental lobby group, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and a producer of documentaries on climate change.

“You see the fragility of nature and how easily things can be completely transformed with just a few degrees difference,” DiCaprio reportedly told an audience at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation awards, using Alberta’s horrifying winter winds as proof.

“It’s terrifying, and it’s what people are talking about all over the world. And it’s simply just going to get worse.”

Of course, that’s like getting a sunburn in the Sahara Desert and directly linking your red skin to ozone depletion.

DiCaprio’s overall climate concern may be valid, but the example cited makes him look like a complete idiot — especially for anyone who’s ever heard of a chinook.

“Our team endured two unprecedented weather events that shut down the already-delayed and complicated production schedule, which I’m sure you’ve heard about,” said DiCaprio, who’s actually filmed here in Alberta before.

Of course, there was nothing unprecedented about it. See here.

With temperature shifts of up to 30C in a matter of hours very common, chinook winds and their hallmark arch are anything but a cause for dread, unless you’re migraine-prone and sensitive to pressure changes.


Last winter was actually pretty ordinary, as chinooks go.

Rather than terrified, southern Albertans have celebrated the breezy break from the cold for centuries — just as long as people have lived east of the Rocky Mountains, it seems.

If DiCaprio really got his chinook misinformation from a local, the actor should be furious.

He’s been duped into looking like a dim-wit, pure and simple.

But if DiCaprio just made a broad assumption, or if he took an isolated local weather event and extrapolated it to be evidence of climate change, he deserves all of the scorn and ridicule he’s so far endured.

And the mockery should come from every side.

Once again, you have a spoiled, jet-setting entertainer using half-baked notions to promote a cause that’s trendy with the Hollywood elite, and like other famous folk before him, DiCaprio appears willing to twist the truth to suit his latest speech.

For those really concerned about climate change, DiCaprio does more damage than good when he shows total ignorance of how weather relates to climate, while demonstrating a total failure to research even the most basic of facts.

It casts doubt on his credibility, and makes DiCaprio’s other arguments — even if valid — subject to suspicion.

Sadly for Alberta and the truth, DiCaprio’s fame will likely avoid attempts to correct his ignorance, if the actor is even listening from the confines of his private island or luxury yacht.

Fame rules all these days, and so long as the person talking enjoys the adoration of the masses, their message will be the message that gets read, repeated and shared, no matter how dubious.

For countless Leo DiCaprio fans around the world, there now exists a place in Canada where the locals are terrified of unprecedented hot winds fueled by climate change.




The killer smog in China (and India) – a lot like 60 years ago in the west

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM

Rapid industrialization requires abundant, cheap energy!

China leads the world in 2015 with a growth of 7%. India is not far behind at 5.5%. As China and India have spurred growth to become centers of industry, they have employed cheap energy such as coal without, in many cases, the investment in scrubbing or removal of particulates and chemicals from the effluence that the industrialized west has invested in after similar pollution episodes 60 years ago.

In winters, a cold air settles in, inversions often form in the long nights and daytimes of feeble sun when the winds are light, trapping the pollution. Areas of China and India are suffering from severe pollution episodes this month. In places like Beijing and other populous areas or eastern China, a cold outbreak with snow helped to ensure the inversions when the cold air aloft moved on.


See the snow cover extending into eastern China including Beijing.


See the cold air that invaded eastern China in recent weeks.


The high-pressure overhead gets replaced with gusty northwest winds will clean out the air the next week but then cresting of high pressure overhead by week 2 will allow fog and smog to return.

Even with the attention to China, India is suffering too. Of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world, six are in India.

Though environmentalists make a big deal about the small particulate matter content as the problem because that is the ‘carbon pollution’ that are riding to their hoped for Paris agreement, in reality the real damage comes from chemical reaction of effluent gases like sulfur dioxide with water droplets in the ‘fog/smog’ that forms sulfuric acid mist. It is joined by hydrochloric acid. You will read that it is a CO2 problem but one has to remember with every breath we emit 40,000ppm into air with around 400 ppm CO2 and that CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere.

In Europe and North America, we went through similar incidents that forced necessary changes to our air quality control. That improvement continues. We have decreased the small particulate loading of the air by 50% the last two decades to well below the target standards.


That brings to mind some of those trigger incidents.


As the UKMO described it “The weather in November and early December 1952 had been very cold, with heavy snowfalls across the region. To keep warm, the people of London were burning large quantities of coal in their homes. Smoke was pouring from the chimneys of their houses.

Under normal conditions, smoke would rise into the atmosphere and disperse, but an anticyclone was hanging over the region. This pushes air downwards, warming it as it descends. This creates an inversion, where air close to the ground is cooler than the air higher above it. So when the warm smoke comes out of the chimney, it is trapped. The inversion of 1952 also trapped particles and gases emitted from factory chimneys in the London area, along with pollution, which the winds from the east had brought from industrial areas on the continent.


Fog formed in the calm air as the ground cooled. During the period of the fog, huge amounts of impurities were released into the atmosphere and trapped in the fog beneath the inversion. On each day during the foggy period, in addition to the small particulates from the combustion of coal, the UKMO estimates 140 tonnes of hydrochloric acid and 14 tonnes of fluorine compounds. In addition, and perhaps most dangerously, 370 tonnes of sulphur dioxide were converted into 800 tonnes of sulphuric acid.” That acid fog is what did most of the damage.


Government medical reports in the following weeks estimated that up until 8 December 4,000 people had died prematurely and 100,000 more were made ill because of the smog’s effects on the human respiratory tract. More recent research suggests that the total number of fatalities was considerably greater, at about 12,000. This kind of smog has now become a thing of the past, thanks partly to pollution legislation and also to modern developments, such as the widespread use of central heating.


Noontime smog in Donora. Pennsylvania in October 1948

The Donora killer smog event of 1948 was the result of a low level inversion in late October of 1948 resulting in a wall of particulate and chemical laden fog that killed 20 people and sickened 7,000 more in Donora, Pennsylvania” a mill town on the Monongahela River, 24 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Sixty years later, the incident was described by the New York Times as “one of the worst air pollution disasters in the nation’s history”. The Donora smog event, the worst air pollution disaster in U.S. history, let the public know that industrial pollution could kill. It eventually led to the Clean Air Act.



No one is opposed to clean air. I did my doctoral studies grant work on air resources (after a masters on explosive development in east coast storms). We had real pollution issues back then (CO, SO2, NOx, hydrocarbons), largely resolved now. They need to do the same in China and India.

But it is NOT carbon dioxide that is the killer. CO2 is a plant fertilizer that has helped feed the growing world population.


Clean coal plants are being built now in China and in places like Japan and Germany as they have discovered that renewables are unreliable and expensive energy sources for not only the populace but also for industry that requires steady, dependable and economical energy sources to compete in the global economy.