The Strange Absence of Science in the Paris “Treaty” Discussion

Alan Carlin | May 5, 2017

The climate topic du jour is whether President Trump should abandon the Paris non-treaty “treaty.” Most of the discussion seems to revolve around esoteric legal issues concerning what the US is allowed and not allowed to do as a result of President Obama’s agreement to the “treaty” without Senate consent. I find most of the arguments propounded by climate skeptics on this topic to be sound and perceptive. What I find odd is that I have yet to see any discussion of what climate change science might say about the wisdom of continued US “participation” in the Paris “treaty.” In other words, is there any reason why the US should want to abide by the “treaty?”

The purpose of the “treaty” is to provide a framework for developed countries to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases primarily by reducing their use of fossil fuels. The reason people use fossil fuels is that for most uses they are the most efficient way to supply the energy humans need to supplement their own energy use that will improvetheir health and welfare. The climate alarmists have exploited the public’s understandable lack of knowledge concerning climate science to argue that the developed countries (but usually not less developed countries) should give up some or preferably all fossil fuel use in order to avoid alleged catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW). Although they have never proven that changes in CO2 emissions will even change global temperatures, that has not prevented them from urging/coercing others to spend other people’s money on their unproven or now almost certain false claims.

The Most Important Issue: Would It Accomplish Anything if “Successful?”

After the dismal failure of their Kyoto Treaty to achieve this end, the alarmists have tried a second approach called the Paris accord or “treaty,” and flouted the US Constitutionby claiming that the “treaty” is not really a treaty. Whether all this is worthwhile ultimately hinges on whether there are sufficient benefits from reducing fossil fuel use to make it worthwhile to give up the many uses humans have found for them. If there are not, humans should not agree to give up any uses of fossil fuels, or waste time and resources on efforts to bring this about. That includes non-treaty “treaties.”

As explained previously, the best current science shows that there are no significant reductions in global temperatures that would result from reducing fossil fuel use, let alone CAGW. And there are much more efficient and effective ways to reduce real pollution from fossil fuel use. Climate alarmism “science” is simply what Richard Feynman called “cargo cult” science. It is long past time to abandon it as well as “treaties” trying to implement it.


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