Climate Facts trump Climate Fable

#1) “Weather turning more extreme?   On the contrary, 2012/13/14 saw tornadoes dwindling, 2014 fewest-ever (annals from 1950), 2013 sank to fewest Atlantic hurricanes since 1983 ( & By contrast, past extremes include 1888, when NY City had a 2-foot blizzard (March) and a longest-ever 14-day heat wave (June) (, 1900 (Sept.), when a hurricane destroyed Galveston, Texas, killing 8,000 (still U.S. history’s worst natural disaster), 1908 (Feb.), when Indian Lake (in NY’s Adirondack Mts., then & now free of Urban Heat Island megatons of asphalt, cars, high-rises & people that up-skew city temps worldwide) plunged to its so far coldest -42F/-41.1C, 1911 (July), when Indian Lake soared to its till now hottest 103F/39.4C…while Painter, Wyoming crashed to a U.S. lowest-in-July 10F/-12.2C, as well as 1913, when Death Valley, California hit its lowest-ever on Jan. 8th (15F/-9.4C) and sizzled to a world-record 134F/56.7C on July 10th;

#2) “Polar ice shrinking?   Arctic ice rebounded in 2013 to ~160% of the cyclical low hit in 2012 as a result of the mostly warm phase of the Atlantic’s 15-20-year cycle, due to turn predominantly cold by ~ 2020. Antarctic ice keeps setting expansion records, as 99% of Antarctica (minus volcanic Palmer Peninsula) has for 30-plus years been chilling down, currently assisted by the Pacific, which in 2007 entered the cool phase of its 25-30-year cycle (Pacific = 167% Atlantic’s size).

In 1912 explorer Mawson found Antarctic Commonwealth Bay ice-free ( /watch?v=k-9yJ6-6aEs). Antarctic ice has since grown massively…so Christmas Eve 2013 (Antarctic summer) a ship sent to showcase “disappearing” ice got ice-bound (below) in Commonwealth Bay


(…and even rescue icebreakers were trapped (


#3) “Snows diminishing? January 2016’s record blizzard has already lofted the current decade (the 2010’s) to 18 high-impact snow storms, vs. just 11 for the runner-up decade (2000 thru 2009), 4 of the 5 snowiest winters for the Northern Hemisphere struck from 2007/8 through 2013/14. 2012 saw first snow in 112 years freak Egypt’s camels (, 2013 had first-ever May snow down even to Arkansas (latitude of North African coast), in 2014 Japan doubled its old heaviest-ever (, Iran got its worst in 50 years (, on 9/11/2014 Rapid City, S.Dakota shov(el)ed 2 days forward its old 1970 earliest-ever snow, Boston’s 110.6” for 2014/15 tops all [annals fr. 1871]). 2014/15’s New England blitz may have been worst since 1717 when folks could leave home only from 2nd floor lee side, implying depths up to 8′ or more. “In Feb. 2015 students were jumping from 2nd-floor windows into deep snow”( On 11/10/2016 Stockholm’s 30cm/12” set a 111-year all-time November day record, beating the 29cm hit just 21 years ago (1985).

#4)   “U.S. & world warming”?   No, National Weather Service (NWS) confirms: Continental U.S. is trending colder in all climatic regions since 1994! Boston’s 2015 Feb. was 2nd-coldest since 1871, Buffalo’s, Cleveland’s & Chicago’s were coldest-ever since 1884, ’71 & ’72. At Saranac Lake, Feb. & March have dished ~43% & ~68% of new cold records since just year 2000! Fewer U.S. heat records set since the 1930’s: 39 pre-1960, just 11 post-1960, but the 1930’s set 23 of our 50 state all-time-highs! Midwest 90F+ heat is down for ~120 yrs and hit an all-time low in 2014 ( 07/25/2014), all the while CO-2 has climbed and thus bared its irrelevance:


NWS books still flaunt a phantom Tucson, AZ ( 1990 “all-time high” of 117F/47.2C…which the NY Times revealed as the artifact of a malfunctioning thermometer ( a case of Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” data-cooking. Ditto at Washington, D.C.’s Reagan Airport: NWS claims junking a “92F all-time” May high (set 05/27/2014, just 0.2F above the old mark) “would not be scientifically defensible,” though even the Washington Post debunked it and NWS itself found the questioned sensor read 1.7F too high! As Hitler’s spinmeister taught: “Lie big, keep lyin’…and win!

Since the 1940’s, the U.S. has had more cold than heat records, as on Jan. 16, 2009: That day, an Arctic invasion set new all-time-lows in Maine (-50F/-45.6 vs. 1925’s -48F/-44.4C), reported by U.S. Geodetic Survey, then accepted by NWS, and in Illinois (-37F/-38.3C vs. 1999’s -36F/-37.8C), notched on an airport instrument certified just the day before…yet nixed by NWS, trashing science to spare an Illinoisian embarrassment on the eve of his Inauguration.

During an Alaska-wide 2012 record cold wave, a Jim River, AK observer’s battle-tested Vantage Pro2, rated to at least -40/F/C, gamely soldiered on in fast-plunging temps until at 6:34 p.m., with 14 sunless hours to go, its sensor surrendered at -79F/-60.6C. NWS nixed this cold record, too, dissed the thermometer as “not rated for temperature colder than 40 below”…yet its own official instrument at Prospect Creek, site of the 1971 U.S. all-time-low of -80F/-61.1C and just 0.9 miles from Jim River, is also rated to just -40F ( NWS misspent taxpayer $$ on that sensor to ensure Prospect Creek will never “officially” break the old -80F record!

Overseas, the events described in #3 above as well as, for example, Germany’s National Weather Service confirm the long-term temperature trend is down.

While Feb. 2017 “fried” the NE U.S., the ’16/’17 winter has dumped on many Western ski areas more than in the previous 5-10 years combined. California’s “perma”-drought is history, parts of Europe & Asia have suffered extreme cold and the Sahara saw snow again after near 100 years (vet met A. Bernier in Perspective).

Carbon dioxide – tarred “air pollution” by The Man’s “Environmental Protection Agency” – is a green-keeping, plant-feeding, life-sustaining trace gas that now, even after 250+ years of Industrial Age, amounts to just 0.0004 of our atmosphere….vs. up to 0.075 (1,875x greater) in Earth’s remote past (as attested to by deep-ice probes from Greenland and Antarctica)! Metaphorically, CO-2 is equivalent to the tip of the tip of the tail of the proverbial dog — and, no, is most definitely not wagging the dog.

By contrast, the Sun, floodlighting us with power 17,900x greater than all of humanity’s output, rules Earth’s climate. Potentates world-wide are impotent to “stop climate change”: The only constant in climate is CHANGE!


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