Hillary Hypes Hurricane Hysteria—Cornwall Alliance Quells the Storm

When Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton teamed up with former Vice President Al Gore for a marathon campaign rally focusing exclusively on climate change, she trod on Cornwall Alliance’s turf.

And we responded! So far, scholars in our network—Fellows, Adjuncts, Contributing Writers, and Interns—have published eleven opinion columns, with another scheduled for publication, and two awaiting acceptance.

One of those, by Kyle Jorstad in “Hillary’s America: Renewable and Unsustainable” at our own EarthRisingBlog.com, began:

Having rallied the support of global warming mogul Al Gore, on Oct. 11th Hillary Clinton delivered an impassioned speech riddled with incomplete comparisons, red herrings, and hasty generalizations in an attempt to galvanize support for her energy program.

Amidst Mrs. Clinton’s politically and emotionally charged rhetoric can be found multiple cherry-picked examples of the triumphs of clean energy, such as the electric-powered Chevy Volt produced in Michigan. While a car boasting 53 miles solely on electricity may seem a laudable milestone, it turns out that the Volt’s technological breakthrough comes at a significant cost. The 2016 Volt’s sticker price is $15,000 higher than comparable compact cars (though this price is often reduced over $10K through federal grants and subsidies, meaning your tax payer money). Yet the Volt was only initially produced through millions in aid during production, with an estimated $250 million in government aid behind each 2011 Volt.

The crux of Clinton’s energy plan is the installation of 500 million additional solar panels and the expansion of the United States solar capacity to 140 gigawatts, all by 2020. According to the Energy Information Administration(EIA), the US currently rests at only 22.9 GW of solar capacity, a figure projected to expand to 57 GW by 2020. This leaves Clinton with an 83 GW deficit, which the Institute for Energy Research projects to cost over $200 billion. [Click here to read the rest.]

In addition to Kyle’s article, we’ve already published these:

  1. Economics Professor Bill Anderson’s “Can Hillary Clinton Bring Us Better Weather?” at WattsUpwithThat.com, the world’s most widely read science blog;
  2. Economics Professor Timothy Terrell’s “Clinton-Gore 2016: A Campaign of Bad Ideas on the Environment,” at The Stream;
  3. Meteorologist and theologian Charles Clough’s “Hillary Clinton and the Second Coming of Al Gore,” at Christian Post;
  4. International Affairs Professor Michael Hart’s “Fact-Checking Clinton’s Climate Change Speech: The idea of a planetary emergency is little more than opportunistic political posturing,” at The Stream;
  5. Dr. Beisner’s “Is Hillary Clinton the Real Science Denier?” at Townhall.com;
  6. Cornwall Alliance’s Research Associate for Developing Countries Vijay Jayaraj’s “Clinton’s Climate Change agenda: The death of science and humanity,” at RedAlertPolitics.com;
  7. Dr. Beisner’s “Hillary Clinton’s Climate Calamity,” at The Daily Caller;
  8. Physics Professor James A. Wanliss’s “Cleaning up After Clinton and Gore,” at Townhall.com;
  9. Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Geneva College Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Anthony Sadar’s “Hillary’s Hurricane Hysteria Blows an Ill Wind,” at Charisma News;
  10. Cornwall Intern Wesley Haverlah’s “Climate, Elections, and the Battle of Worldviews,” at our own EarthRisingBlog.com
  11. Dr. Beisner’s “Hillary Clinton’s Climate Catastrophe,” in Christian Post.

Accepted and awaiting publication is

  1. World-famous climatologist Dr. Roy W. Spencer’s “Hillary Boards the Climate Crisis Train to Nowhere,” in the prestigious Forbes magazine;

And awaiting acceptance are

  1. “Hurricane Matthew, Hillary Clinton, and Climate Change,” by Dr. Neil L. Frank, the longest-serving Director of the National Hurricane Center (1974–1987) and KHOU-TV Houston’s Chief Meteorologist (1987–2008).
  2. “Hillary Clinton Is No Hurricane Expert—But I Am,” by Dr. Frank.

It’s crucial that Americans understand that Clinton’s climate and energy policy would do enormous harm to America’s and the world’s poor while achieving no climate-related benefits. Please read and share all our articles, and pray that thousands more will do the same, and millions more will read and carefully consider them.

Please also pray for our major financial needs at this crucial time, and consider donating. From now to the end of October, we’ll send you Dr. Roy Spencer’s A Guide to Understanding Global Temperature Data absolutely FREE as our way of saying “Thank you!” for a donation of any size. Just ask for it and mention Promo Code 1610. You can make your 100% tax-deductible donation at our secure online site, by phoning 703-569-4653, or by sending your check made out to the Cornwall Alliance, 9302-C Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke, VA 22015.

God Bless You,

E. Calvin Beisner
Founder and National Spokesman

The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation seeks to magnify the glory of God in creation, the wisdom of His truth in environmental stewardship, the kindness of His mercy in lifting the needy out of poverty, and the wonders of His grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. A coalition of theologians, pastors, ministry leaders, scientists, economists, policy experts, and committed laymen, the Cornwall Alliance is the world’s leading evangelical voice promoting environmental stewardship and economic development built on Biblical principles. The Cornwall Alliance is a non-profit religious, charitable, and educational organization. All gifts are tax deductible.


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