Politicians-Media “Brain Dead” Wind Turbine Placements

July 5, 2015

Massachusetts Politicians-Media “Brain Dead” Wind Turbine Placements

Family values thrown by the wayside for the “Agenda.”

State & local politicians especially, are losing their minds over the prospect of having more turbines constructed. The noise described as torture will continue until further notice

The politicians and news media have been convinced that Global Warming is a catastrophic threat. Wind lobbyists launched campaigns to favor anything that would purportedly reduce carbon dioxide. Including taking your health, property and money for their benefit.

Over the past eight years the embarrassed media and elected officials have contributed to taking your health and property rights along with hundreds of millions of dollars placing wind turbines.

These wind turbine projects were modeled after the 1939 Works Progress Administration jobs program. Almost every community in the United States had a new park, bridge or school constructed by the agency. The WPA program didn’t take the health , property and infrastructure money from the public like the tortuous wind turbines.

The wind turbines are not a job program they are a health risk!

The media and our elected politicians have become sales people for the wind industry believing everything they have been told.

Our journalist and politicians aka “ wind proponents “ manufactured still another claim: Green Jobs . This hope was selected to coincide with the massive employment concerns.

Massachusetts spent 113 million plus on the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal and ocean wind port with hurricane gates with only a legal clearance of 120 feet. This cost taxpayers $187,500.00 a month for the next thirty years for Green Energy bonds. The port put New York & New Jersey union workers to work and a few local general labor jobs.

Journalist and the media in general today are confronted with the reality that wind energy is much more expensive than any conventional power. The media did the best they could to avoid the gear box failure of a 6 million dollar four year old wind turbine at the old Massachusetts Military reservation which has three other 6 million dollar wind turbines. The broken wind turbine is one funeral the politicians aren’t going to show up for. They can’t add up any savings here or anywhere else.

Our gullible politicians continue to ignore the human health effects of these massive megawatt wind turbines. The news media carefully crafts news stories reporting by omission or what I call lying.

Falmouth, Massachusetts is ground zero for poorly placed wind turbines in USA maybe the world. The health and property rights of its citizens was taken for the wind turbine “agenda.”

Like the days of the old Southern states the Falmouth and state officials looked the other way and ignored laws, regulations and bylaws to build the commercial wind turbines and advance the renewable energy “agenda.”

State officials bribed town officials with one million dollars to buy the first turbine and now after the illegal installations of a second turbines the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has given Falmouth 1.8 million dollars to help pay related litigation costs of the poor placement. They are using your money to shoot you in the back !

The Town of Plymouth is about to see commercial wind turbines. The news media and journalist you have come to trust are reporting the installation of a small wind turbine farm ? How small is four 2 megawatt wind turbines 100 feet larger than Falmouth, Fairhaven or Kingston.

The news media left out all the facts this time, omissions again and again. The facts are these turbines are 100 feet higher than anything anyone has seen in Eastern Massachusetts & Cape Cod . The turbines have 25 percent more power than the Falmouth turbines. The turbines are gear driven turbines just like the turbines breaking down at the old Massachusetts Military Reservation.

Propaganda is defined as ideas that are spread through the news media for the purpose of influencing opinion.
The taxpayers and citizens of Massachusetts need to look what is happening.
Your losing your health, property rights and now the out of control state agencies are borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to torture you with your money.

For the sake of humanity stop the insanity !


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