Wind farms decimate world’s endangered bird populations


Hat tip to Quixotes last Stand:

Original article, in Swedish:

March 12 2014

Google Translation:
August Thomasson, young birder and photographer from Sösdala in central Skåne, was at his job Monday out riding in the plains west of Kristianstad. When he walked around the Vinnö meadows, along came an eagle gliding low over him. It slips away for a moment towards a wind turbine but turns shortly thereafter back at him.

– “But soon afterwards it flies slowly away towards the turbine again. As it turned the last time I start slowly walking towards the bike, says August. I give the eagle a last look and see that it just passes the turbine. Then it happened that should not happen. The eagle getting hit by a wind blade underneath and plunges downward. A little bit panicked I bring out the camera and manage to get off a few pictures.”

Unaware that it guts were hanging out from the falling bird and in the belief that the small pieces that came off in the collision were feathers, he bikes in panic until reaching it, to possibly help the injured bird.

– “My hopes sank fast when I got to the eagle and found it in four parts.”

A tragic end for an eagle in just its second year of life.

Link to August Thomasson’s blog:

Beware of the strong images:



Comments from Save the Eagles International:

The raptor in the above pictures is a young white-tailed (sea) eagle.

A very substantial number of eagles from various species has been killed by wind turbines around the world. Here is just a tiny sample:

Various eagle species are being extirpated from Scotland, Spain and other countries where wind turbines are being built en masse. Yet many reports from independent engineers show that intermittent wind farms are not reducing CO2 emissions because they force fossil fuel power stations to operate less efficiently or on stand by, burning fuel for nothing. And economists have demonstrated that they destroy far more jobs than they create, mainly because of their high cost which causes power bills to rise.

Other ill effects of wind farms include the Wind Turbine Syndrome, the decimation of birds and bats in general, substantial financial losses to neighbors (drop in property values), loss of amenity of the countryside and resulting negative effects on tourism, water contamination (from lubricating oil, detergents for the blades, rare earth components), fires, blade throws, ice throws, effects on the national debt, fuel poverty, etc.

In short, wind farms are a calamity, whose only purpose is to finance political parties – see:

Note: President Obama gave a dispensation for the wind industry from any penalties for killing endangered or protected species. It is estimated 600,000- 900,000 birds and a similar number of insect controlling bats are killed by wind turbines. Can you image a similar action by the President if even a small number were being killed by fossil fuel plants?

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