Global warming lecture cancelled due to unexpected snowstorm, which set seasonal record

March 13, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

toronto-snowstorm-march-12-450x253Bike to work. Save the planet.

Warmists claim that they can predict that the world will end because too many people drive to work, yet they’re caught by surprise every time there’s a blizzard.

The NOAA forecast of a warm winter left many cities unprepared for the massive snowfalls. And it’s no better in Canada, where the warmists tell us that they can predict what the weather will be like in 2140 only to have their lectures canceled by an unexpected blizzard.

Concerned about climate change? Then you’ll want to check out Catherine Potvin‘s lecture at the University of Windsor this week.

Who is Potvin?

“Dr. Catherine Potvin is a world leader in the study of global change biology, particularly the intersection between climate change science and international policy.”

In other words, Potvin is more of an activist than a scientist.

Her ability to engage with a wide range of people, including indigenous communities in the jungles of Panama, world leaders in international treaty negotiations, and average Canadians, is living proof of her unique ability to distill complicated research and engage diverse audiences.

Like ordinary indigenous Canadian world leaders living in the jungles of Panama.

She practices what she preaches with respect to making individual and collective changes to our lifestyles, including cycling to work even during Montreal’s cold and snowy winters!

Apparently not.

You may be tempted to snicker at the irony that a discussion on climate change at the University of Windsor was called off due to Wednesday’s wild weather.

The bad news is that Windsor utterly smashed its winter snowfall record on Wednesday. The really bad news? This may not be the last blast of the year.

According to Environment Canada’s weather hotline, the March 12 snowfall total as of 9:30 p.m. at Windsor Airport was 12 centimetres — more than enough for this winter’s snowfall total to bust the previous all-time record.

“It’s a lot of snow, for sure,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson earlier in the day. “Unfortunately, given the forecast over the next couple of weeks, we could still be adding to it after that.”

Well who could have predicted that? Not a Climate Change expert apparently.


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