Turbine Infra-Sound Over Ten Years

Ten Year Study On Infra Sound Wind Turbines


Turbine Infra-Sound Over Ten Years Infrasound What Is It ?

Infrasound What Is It ?

The 7 ton blades of the Falmouth wind turbines outside tips of the blades can spin up to 180 miles per hour when the wind turbines are operating during during high winds. The sound and vibration is the same as when you jump rope and the rope goes by your ears except magnified thousands of times from a wind turbine.

Infrasound and regulatory noise is the primary issue for those concerned about their health around wind turbines. Prior to the installation of the Falmouth wind turbines wind studies done for other communities including warnings about two different distinct types of sound : A. Regulatory & B. Human Annoyance. The reference to the two different types of noise in noise reports between 2005 and 2007 caused so much concern with local residents the projects ended. The Falmouth wind reports never mentioned the two types of noise.

What exactly did they mean by Human Annoyance was that actually infrasound ? Why was the reference to two types of sound dropped from the Falmouth wind turbine studies ? Is this the smoking gun of when the state made the mistake of siting wind turbines too close to residential homes ? I believe this is when they dropped the ball and have refused to get out in front of the catastrophic politically embarrassing mistake of siting wind turbines too close to homes.

The owners of the turbines sold in Falmouth was the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative now the Mass Clean Energy Center.They were stuck with two politically embarrassing commercial wind turbines stuck in a warehouse in Texas since 2005 and were unable to sell them at auction in 2008. Keep in mind at the time the noise reports at the time for these type of turbines referred to two different types of noise. The turbines were sold to Falmouth with the reference to two types of noise dropped from fatal flaws studies done at previous sites.

When the two politically embarrassing wind turbines were sold in Falmouth the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative in 2009 changed its name to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and deleted most of the web site information from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. All the personnel from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative are at the Mass Clean Energy Center. Why the name change and deletion of files ? It’s never been explained.

Infra sound has been tested by the US Military since the 1950s. There is no doubt that it exist because the police and military use it as a weapon on crowds or opposing forces. The sounds cause headaches, sleep problems, concentration problems etc. These are immediate problems but what are the long range 10 year issues ? There are 200 residential homes around the wind turbines in Falmouth. How many people are being affected by the wind turbines today ? If you live in one of the two hundred homes check yourself and your family .When you wake up in the morning do you feel tired and just say I must be getting older. Do you forget things. How much has your health changed in the last four years.

They have a study out now about infrasound done over a ten year period. It may be worth reading :



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