It’s Not Easy Being Green — and It’s Not Cheap Either!

The world’s temperatures haven’t risen in 15 years, but that isn’t stopping the President from turning the heat up on climate change. Desperate to change his ownclimate of scandals and controversies, President Obama took to Georgetown on Tuesday to invoke a sweeping environmental policy the only way he knows how: without Congress’s consent. The imperial President, who uses executive orders to write laws that he can’t pass, once again showed his contempt for the democratic process by issuing these policies without a single debate.

In the crosshairs of this latest environmental witch hunt are carbon emissions, which he intends to fight through a multi-billion dollar program that will bankrupt families, the poor, and tilyhe elderly, and kill the fossil fuel industry. “Some 12 million Americans still can’t find work,” the Wall Street Journal criticizes, “real wages have fallen for five years, three-fourths of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck, and the economy continues to plod along four years into a quasi-recovery. But there was the President in Georgetown, threatening more energy taxes and mandates that will ensure fewer jobs, still lower incomes and slower growth.”

In his typical way, the President announced his project by vilifying detractors, not persuading them. A combative Barack Obama said he’d run out of patience. “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” he lashed out at the growing number of experts who see the global warming initiatives as a “fool’s errand.” As it stands, greenhouse gas emissions are falling at a rate “that’s greater than the one laid out in the President’s plan. So why get involved at all?” asks Chip Knappenberger.

Voters in the Midwest and South wonder too. They heard nothing about this agenda when they went to the polls in Ohio and Pennsylvania last November — two regions where coal production is highest. “Instead,” the Wall Street Journal says, the President “posed as the John the Baptist of fossil fuels… taking credit for the shale fracking boom he had nothing to do with and running ads attacking Mitt Romney as anti-coal.”

As Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance explained on our radio show “Washington Watch” earlier this week, even if the U.S. as a whole stopped emitting carbon dioxide, the world’s temperature would only drop .08% by 2050! That’s laughable considering the steep price the President is willing to exact in jobs (500,000), family incomes ($1,000 a year), electricity prices (+20%), and natural gas prices (+43%). And this is on top of what Americans are already forking over for ObamaCare!

Make no mistake. The underlying agenda here is devastating to our nation. As social conservatives, we need to wake up to the threat that these policies pose to the values closest to our hearts: liberty (the lack of energy choices), family (higher costs), limited government (overregulation of the economy), and democracy (which the President bypassed to force this albatross around the neck of our economy). Contact Congressman Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chairman of House Energy and Commerce, at 202-225-2927 and ask him to bring the spotlight of his powerful committee on the President’s latest overreach.


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