Cute, Cuddly, and Here to Stay

Cute, Cuddly, and Here to Stay

by Douglas Gregory

The Christmas season brings images of many things, one of the most popular being the North Pole, where jolly St. Nick wraps presents with his elves. Thanks to the Coca-Cola Corporation, Santa now hangs out with sunglass-wearing, Coca-Cola- drinking polar bears frolicking in their winter wonderland. Slick.

But it can never be enough simply to laugh at anthropomorphic, goofy animal antics. These animal antics have a purpose—to push the environmentalist agenda, using cuddly polar bears.

Recently the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) partnered with Coca-Cola to fund polar bear conservation, though the bear is already on the Endangered Species List. All this political grandstanding happens despite the increase in polar bear populations by a factor of four or five in the last 60 years.

In fact, there are now so many polar bears that they’ve become a threat to inhabitants of the northernmost parts of the North American continent, especially Hudson Bay.

Behind the false claims about polar endangerment lies the scientific fallacy of substituting the output of models for real-world observations. Polar bears are flourishing, but population models that assume catastrophic melting of Arctic ice falsely conclude they’re losing hunting grounds—and if they’re losing hunting grounds, surely they must be diminishing in number, right? But they’re not. Obviously, something is wrong.

The greater problem isn’t the faulty science that the WWF and a confab of environmental activists use to falsely bemoan the impending doom of polar bears. The greater problem is using such faulty science to impose economically harmful environmental regulations on mankind. Fear mongering is just another way to break the commandment, “You shall not bear false witness.”

The Cornwall Alliance fights anti-human policies and anti-Biblical views of nature, while promoting economic development, especially for the very poor.

Such harmful policy can be anything from forbidding interference with polar bears, thus allowing them to become dangerous to man, to the worldwide curtailing of economic development (and its benefits) because of its perceived harm to the “natural world.”

Dangerous policies that protect animals at the expense of people is anti-Biblical. People are made in the image of God, not polar bears. And while we don’t have the right to abuse them, we do have the duty to exercise godly dominion over them—including preventing their attacks on humans.

Polar bears are a poster child for environmentalist lobbying; they aren’t actually endangered, except according to models that don’t reflect observations. But they are cute, and they are iconic. Notice, those same environmentalists express no concern for the people directly or indirectly affected by polar bears’ proliferation.

Whether the harm to man comes from global treaties preventing greenhouse gas emissions, or laws that increase risk of harm to mankind from animal attacks, the end result is preventing man’s godly dominion. God’s ordination of man bestows upon him rights and responsibilities—qualities animals do not share.

The ideology of environmentalism is anti-human and must be stopped—and replaced with profoundly Biblical Earth stewardship crowned by the faithful proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for us, pass our information on to others, and assist us with your generous, tax-deductible donations so we can continue combating anti-Biblical ideologies.

Douglas Gregory is Research and Policy Analyst for the Cornwall Alliance.


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