Message to Obama from one mad mom

By Dr. Gina Loudon

If Obama thinks he can exploit, poke fun at, and kill my child with DS, I have a word, or two for him.

In 2009, Barack Obama made one of his Hollywood pandering stops to be on the Jay Leno show. Instead of talking policy, or economy, Obama decided to talk about his bowling game. reports that Obama joked about his score being way too low—only 129. “That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno quipped. Obama then remarked that his score was “like the Special Olympics or something.” Note: During the campaign, the President bowled a game with a score of 37. My then 6 year old granddaughter would have beat him

As the mother of a wonderful little boy by way of adoption who happens to have Down Syndrome, I can tell you that Obama trounced on sacred ground that day. Add to my horror his eager endorsement of post birth abortion, where a baby is killed outside the womb. Never a woman has been saved by that procedure, and Obama makes no excuses for his endorsement of these eugenics. More than 90% of babies with Down Syndrome are already aborted. That is why it took my husband and I more than 10 years to adopt our Samuel. Think of all the babies that were killed while we waited those 10 long years!

The Democratic convention accused Christians and the republicans of waging a war on women. Yet they force religious hospitals and doctors and nurses to provide services that go against their religious beliefs like abortions.

The congress controls the laws for DC. They voted to permit abortion for any cause for any women up to the 40th week of pregnancy. They are proud of their support for abortion.

A document, “Abortion Statistics: United States Data and Trends,” estimates that there have been 54,559,615 abortions since 1973 based on data from both the Centers for Disease Control and the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, a former Planned Parenthood research arm.

This number of deaths is an extraordinary 41 times the total number of Americans who died in all the wars since the Revolutionary war in 1775.

Obama would like you to forget about that because he wants to parse up the American public and create groups of voters that he thinks are too stupid to know he can control them. From poor people that he enslaves with his empty promises of prosperity that they will never know in their state of slavery, to old people who will march cheerfully into their death panels under Obamacare, this is all about votes for Obama.

While he was out fishing for more groups to spin into his web, he thought that he would be smart to try to convince families of people with Down Syndrome that he cares. Most families of loved ones with Down Syndrome are smart enough to know that if someone wants you dead, they likely don’t care about you. Undaunted, a narcissistic Obama has no humility, and he exploited a 25-year-old young woman named Brittany for votes. He shares her as the “Letter of the Week” for his campaign. The letter was written by her mom and a friend, and claims that Brittany is in the 47% of voters that Romney calls “entitled” and “unable to take responsibility for (her) life.” Brittany has Down Syndrome.

When her mother decided to send the letter, she mentioned that Brittany would like a POTUS/FLOTUS visit to their home of Pennsylvania, and also that they would like to stay in the White House. One wonders what freebies Brittany’s mother has her eye on, when she uses her daughter in defense of a man who would not blink if she had killed her before, or after her birth.

In addition to this latest, brutal exploitation of this young woman, many of us who know just how much extra joy is in that one little chromosome wonder when Obama is going to apologize to us for condoning the loss of so much joy by the eugenics he endorses? We wonder when the holocaustic, search and destroy mission imposed on our loved ones will be memorialized? We wonder what the Obamacare death panels will do with our babies when we are no longer here to defend them, and they have Alzheimer’s disease (more than 70% of adults with Down Syndrome get the disease)?

Most mothers of children with Down Syndrome see right through the lies and disguise of this campaign, to the heart of a eugenicist.

As for my family, we don’t write letters for our Samuel. One day, if he is able to write them for himself, I am sure he would sign a big thank you note to those who loved people like him enough to call this exploitation exactly what it is. I am sure he will care more about his family’s budget, than how much money Mitt Romney has earned. I believe he will be too smart to think that he can get something for nothing, and to know that free stuff is never free. I am sure Samuel knows the difference between someone who loves you, and someone who thinks it is okay to kill you. Finally, I am sure Samuel knows that the champions in the Special Olympics have more heart, more joy, and more courage than those who would dispose of their lives could ever, ever have.

These things are pretty simple. Meanwhile, I don’t advise that Obama show up to any Special Olympics events. He might find out the hard way that Special Olympians are a lot smarter than he is, bowling notwithstanding.


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