No More Solyndra’s

Dear Friend of Energy,

Just over a year ago, we witnessed the bankruptcy of the solar company Solyndra, at a loss of more than $500 million to the U.S. taxpayer. This week Congress has a chance to begin rolling back the policies that led to this kind of fraud.

Click here to tell your Representative to vote Yes on “No More Solyndras!”

The Solyndra debacle happened because the Administration loaned Solyndra more than half a billion dollars, despite numerous red flags that the company was headed toward bankruptcy. Within two years, Solyndra collapsed. Congress is currently trying to rein in an overzealous Administration trying to pick energy winners and losers using taxpayer dollars.

This Friday, Congress will vote on the “No More Solyndras Act”. The bill phases out the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program that created Solyndra and other failures like Abound Solar and Nevada Geothermal (click here to learn more about these companies), which have done little more than reward the Administration’s cronies using the hard earned tax dollars Washington takes from us.

Tell your Representative that enough is enough–No More Solyndras!

This is not a Republican problem. This is not a Democrat problem. This is a Washington problem. The Bush Administration created the DOE’s loan guarantee program and the Obama Administration has used it to direct billions of dollars to politically-favored technologies and companies. The Solyndra failure and ensuing loss of taxpayer dollars shows that the federal government should get out of the loan guarantee game once and for all.

Congress has a good chance to end these wasteful subsidies: call your Representative and tell them to vote Yes on the “No More Solyndras” bill to eliminate taxpayer-funded subsidies that distort energy markets and hide the real cost of renewable energy from American consumers.


Tom Pyle, President

American Energy Alliance

P.S. Click here and take two minutes to view our video about the Solyndra scandal. I’m sure you will be just as outraged at I am about the misuse of our taxpayer dollars.


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