IPCC’s Claim That Antarctica’s Ice Sheets Are Melting Due To Global Warming Is Found To Be Fraudulent

IPCC science on Antarctica can’t withstand scrutiny of experts and technology – Antarctica’s polar ice caps are not melting and can’t

Recently, we wrote of the bogus science by Josefino Comiso, an IPCC lead author, that attempted to fabricate warming across the Antarctica continent. Either due to extremely sloppy science, or massive stupidity or science corruption, Comiso and his cohorts “found” Antarctica warming and that its polar ice caps were at risk to melting.

Fortunately for the world, the study by the IPCC’s Comiso was thoroughly trashed by experts within the peer-reviewed community. That study has now joined Al Gore’s discredited climate science in the ash heap of history.

With that said, what is the actual temperature situation across the Antarctica continent? Well, the above map provides some insight to actual temperatures. (click on image to enlarge)

The Antarctica area between the two green circles represents the polar area measured by the state-of-the-art NASA satellite. Since 1978, that entire area has been slightly cooling, not warming, as shown in this previous chart. (The satellite is unable to take measurements for the area within the inner green circle – the doughnut hole area.)

There indeed has been some slight warming in the area of the Antarctica Peninsula but the huge mass of ice sheets actually reside in East and West Antarctica, which measurements show to be cooling.

As can be seen, the temperatures (listed by each red circle) during both the warmest and coldest months (January and July) are well below freezing temperatures. The major ice sheets exist in an interior environment where melting can’t occur presently; and, even a future warming of 10 degrees won’t cause any melting.

Simply stated, West and East Antarctica are just too freaking cold for any melting to happen, with the exception of coastal areas that already are affected by moderate maritime temperatures.

Despite this actual empirical evidence, the fraud-centric IPCC and its associated scientists still make claims that Antarctica is warming and its gigantic ice caps will soon melt, thus flooding the world. These are flat-out false claims designed to only promote hysteria.

Note: The red circles on the map represent either manned research stations or automatic weather stations. The three temperatures listed for each circle include the average January, the average July and the average annual temperature. For links to average temperature data for each site, go to: Download Antarctica Stations Temps https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Asac_n1hsvx5dC1nRzYtdU41UU10WUdmR1JrSFRaaHc&hl=en_US#gid=0


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