Greens ignore mass bird kills from wind power

Bird kills today (440,000!). Pretty soon we expect the cropdusters will start to explain that the turbines are dangerous to them as well. You know about the noise. The point is that all forms of energy have drawbacks E&E News (10/31/11) reports: For wind to become a truly green source of energy, the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) says, the industry must dramatically reduce the number of birds killed by wind farms.

ABC’s statement comes in response to the nearly 500 birds that were found dead at the AES Laurel Mountain wind facility in West Virginia earlier this month. The same site made headlines last week for unveiling the largest grid-scale power storage system in the world (ClimateWire, Oct. 28). According to the nation’s largest bird conservation group, this is the state’s third instance of mass bird fatalities.

Dim Bulb Award: “The wind industry obviously regrets the fact birds occasionally collide with turbines and other structures,” said John Anderson, director of siting policy for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). “That said, such large events are relative anomalies in the last 30 years and appear to be isolated incidents.”


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