WOULD you buy a used tax from Greg Combet and his mates Bob Brown and Julia Gillard?

Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

WOULD you buy a used tax from Greg Combet and his mates Bob Brown and Julia Gillard?

It’s only been slightly used, only been driven so to speak on Sundays, by its former owner named Kevin – before his best mates Julia and Wayne persuaded him to garage it. And then, promptly ‘locked’ him in, or out, with it.

Because if you do, I’ve got a certain bridge in a city on the harbour to sell you. Newly painted and all.

Just how stupid does the prime minister and her climate minister think you are? Pretty damn stupid has to be the answer. There they both were yesterday, saying we want to hit you with a $10 billion tax, to pretty quickly grow to a $20 billion or $30 billion one. And we promise to give you back half of it.

They actually think this is the trump card! Climate Change Minister Combet: “I can assure you … that more than 50 per cent of the carbon price revenue will be used to assist households.”

While earlier in the day, the prime minister herself even more emphatically: “I can guarantee that more than 50 per cent … of the revenue raised will go to assisting households.” She then managed to say with a straight face: “That means millions of Australian households will be better off under a carbon price.”

How persuasive can you get? We hand over $10 billion, they give us $5 billion back. And it just gets “better” as the tax rises. We hand over $20 billion, they give us back $10 billion. We hand over $40 billion, they give us back $20 billion.

So this is what Ms Gillard means when she claims that people will be “better off”. Just focus on the $5 billion or $10 billion or more that you are “getting back”. You don’t need to worry about the $10 billion or $20 billion or more flowing to Canberra, because as Gillard and Combet keep claiming, you won’t be paying it.

No, only the big so-called polluters will be paying the tax. Believe that and I have an opera house to throw in with the bridge I’ve got to sell you.

Further, the promise only appears to apply specifically to half of what’s raised with the initial level at which the tax starts. When the tax is up to $30 billion a year, how much of that will be given back? The give-back only flows to some taxpayers. Perhaps half of personal taxpayers will get zero, zip, nada from the get-go, and so also all business taxpayers. They’re going to have to raise their prices or go broke or both.

Just to really make you feel enthusiastic, Gillard and Combet promise to hand the other half that is raised to climate change spivs and mainchancers – by splashing the money on useless wind farms and solar power(less) plants.

Combet seems well suited to this. I don’t think I’ve seen any previous minister who has managed to so seamlessly combine the most basic stupidity and the most shameless dishonesty. While at the same time demonstrating he actually doesn’t have a clue that’s what he is doing!

In his speech yesterday he used the word ‘pollution’ or a variant a total of 48 times, either directly or indirectly linked to the word carbon.

In every case he was of course talking about carbon dioxide – not simply harmless but utterly necessary plant food. You’d have to conclude that he does know just how dishonest he was being to so repeatedly talk about carbon pollution – deliberately promoting an image of dirty bits of grit.

But you’d also have to conclude that at some level he actually doesn’t. The stupidity and dishonesty is also captured and projected in the claim that on the one hand “only” the so-called big polluters will pay. But about half of you will be “compensated”, indeed over-compensated.

Compensated for what? If only the polluters are paying?

Further Combet – and Gillard – continue to tell lies about China. They must know they are lying. But again incredibly, they also appear to believe what they say – having a bizarre ability to “not see” all the new coal-fired power stations that China is opening.

There is a very clear bottom line. This is a huge tax. It will grow to be at least half the size of the GST, perhaps even more. You all got fully compensated for the GST with the personal tax cuts. The Gillard-Brown government isn’t even promising that with this tax.

Just think about that. Imagine a prime minister standing up and promising to raise the GST from 10 to 15 per cent – and not providing any offset by way of tax cuts or other rebates to half of all taxpayers and all, repeat all, of business.

Indeed, that it is entirely possible it could end up being the equivalent of doubling the GST to 20 per cent. A tax that’s exactly opposite to the reform of the GST and the price-cutting impact of tariff reductions, will very seriously damage the economy.

That a government could be so inept in both political and policy terms is almost beyond belief. Except it is happening, right out there before your eyes in plain view, personified and projected by Gillard and Combet.They are starting to make Bob Brown look like the voice of reason and sanity.


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