Ushering in Solutions for the Gulf Coast

by Kim Greenhouse on June 16, 2010

in Emergency & Disaster, Environment, Shows, World Events

Geologist, meteorologist, and oil industry veteran Chris Landau joins us to provide critical insight and a solution to what is being hailed as the worst disaster in human history.

The urgency of the Gulf Coast crisis is so great that those of us who are moved to do something about it must quickly and effectively channel our anguish by being willing to discern clear and concise verifiable facts about exactly what’s happening deep within the sea. Learn precisely what’s happening and what should be happening to stop and correct this situation. Mr. Landau has dug 50 high- pressure wells and explains what information we need to know and what we should expect from our commander and chief on a geologic level of accountability.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that nobody knows what to do. Those involved know exactly what needs to be done. The forensic information will tell us everything we need to know including, but not limited to, the full extent of the disaster. We must call upon our commander and chief to deliver to the people of America The Mud Logs and to empower the full transparency of this process from this point forward.

We are truly in a race against time to solve this problem. Many of us may be called to move and circulate people, information, and access to facilitate the delivery of a solution with precision and speed. Please forward this on your own private email lists and post to all of your social networking sites. If you can call people and leave them tise url please do. If you can help, please call us now – our world is at stake!

Listen to the show here.


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