Governor Lynch Signs “Global” Declaration in Advance of Next Climate Agreement in Copenhagen!

In what can only be described as a sweeping unilateral decision, Governor Lynch recently signed the State of New Hampshire onto an international declaration aimed at engaging New Hampshire in a United Nations led effort to enact global policies on “climate change” on the state level.

As reported in the California Imperial Valley News on Saturday, October 3rd, Governor Lynch, as part of the Governor’s Global Climate Summit 2, signed onto a United Nations led declaration, that among other things resolves to: “support national climate change legislation, acknowledge the need for adaptation efforts and recognize the role of subnational governments in the discussions on the next global climate agreement being negotiated in Copenhagen this December.”

The article goes on to state:
“California’s advocacy for progressive states and provinces led to the drafting of language recognizing the important role of subnational governments. The term “subnational” is now referenced more than 100 times in the official negotiating text for Copenhagen as a result of the partnerships created and strengthened at the summit.  Up to 50 to 80 percent of actions needed to reach the UN climate goals will be implemented at the state and local levels.

In some of the most alarming excerpts from the declaration Lynch signed, it states:

“We believe that the United States must enact comprehensive climate change legislation during the current session of the U.S. Congress in order to put the world on a path to greenhouse gas stabilization.” ~and~ “Supporting the use of finance mechanisms to address global warming.”

Of course, “support national climate change” is code for supporting the Obama administration’s sweeping “cap and trade” policies which will levy thousands of dollars in new energy taxes on New Hampshire families.

Finally, the sweeping declaration ends with this:
In the spirit of common and differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, we agree to work together in solidarity as cities, provinces, states and regions and nations in developed and developing countries to craft our environmental, economic and social development policies. We agree to consider the impacts of climate change in our economic and social development policies.

We agree to rely on a territorial approach, which is a coordinated and collaborative approach within subnations and regions that is intended to increase effectiveness in combating and adapting to climate change.
We commit to work together to promote recognition of the role of subnational governments at the 15th UNFCCC Conference of Parties and in future international forums.  We support negotiations leading toward international recognition of this role.

All of which led  Amy Fraenkel, Director of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Regional Office for North America, to state the following:  “Collaboration is at the heart of the United Nations’ work and UNEP looks forward to working with the many partners that were here in Los Angeles.”

Oh Really?  Did you know that you’ve now signed on as partner with the United Nations to work on global climate change courtesy of Governor Lynch?
Why, when we have our own problems yet to be addressed at home, including rising unemployment and an escalating budget crisis, is Governor Lynch out signing an international declaration on behalf of the people of New Hampshire?

Did you give him the green light to sign this declaration?!  Did the legislature?!

It is high time we demand answers and accountability from the Governor by asking him on what authority does he speak for the people of New Hampshire when it comes to signing international declarations committing us to enacting ‘global warming’ induced policies?

Call the Governor TODAY at 271-2121 and ask to know why he did not consult with the people or even the legislature before he took it upon himself to sign an international document defining New Hampshire’s role in the fight against “global warming.”  ALSO, send the Governor an email HERE

Finally, be sure to contact your REPS. and Senator (HERE) and ask that they demand accountability from Governor Lynch for advocating policies that should be decided by the legislature!

(See the entire article from the California Imperial Valley News at the end of Cornerstone’s blog HERE.)


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